Is Baiting Termites An Effective Form Of Termite Control?

There are many methods of termite treatment, and it depends on the condition of the property and the severity of the termite infestation. There are two popular options for termite pest control: liquid termiticides and termite baiting. Each treatment has its own advantages and disadvantages:

Liquid Termiticides vs Termite Baiting

It is difficult to compare liquid termiticides and termite baiting if you are looking for what works better. The two methods work differently from each other. Thus, the important initial step is to assess the situation of your property to properly address the right solution.

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Liquid Termiticides

The liquid termiticide treatment is the most commonly used method of termite treatment. In this form of pest control, the termiticide is diluted in water and applied to the soil and act as a termite barrier. The liquid termiticide is injected around or under the foundation or perimeter of your home.

The treated zone will prevent the invading termites to tunnel through it and penetrate your property. When the foraging termites encounter the treated barriers, it will kill them. Some termiticides also contain Fipronil, a non-repellent chemical that eliminates termites slowly by contaminating them. When contaminated termites come in contact with other termites, the toxin will spread, causing more termites to die.

Liquid termiticides are usually done before or after a building or property has been constructed. For hard to reach spaces, a foaming treatment can be used. The foam termiticide is injected into the hole of a concrete flat slab and voids in concrete walls, the foam will spread to the spaces and will leave a residue that will control and kill termites.

Termite Baiting

Although liquid termiticides work faster, it does not completely guarantee that the infesting termites will be gone. In fact, they can escape the treatment once they have sensed that their fellow termites die upon exposure to the treated zone. As a result, they can avoid the area and look for other ways to penetrate your property. Other termite behaviour includes waiting for the liquid treatment to wear down over time and return to the structure.

Termite baiting systems are a long-term solution for termite infestations. Compared to other termiticides which can kill yet drive away termites to a new hiding place, termite baiting control termites by attracting them to a bait station and eventually killing them.

Although the termite baiting system is a slow and prolonged process, it can bring long-lasting results when done effectively. The idea is to place a termite bait under or above the ground to attract active termites and termite colonies to feed on the treated bait. This tactic can drive termites away from the property, lessening the termite activity.

How the Termite Bait System Works

To execute a successful termite management system, the Seek-Bait-Eliminate method is followed. If you think that termite baiting is as easy as drilling small holes to the ground and putting bait stations, you are doing it wrong.

Controlling termites involves understanding of their activities. This is why we conduct termite inspections beforehand. Once we evaluated the presence of termites and the condition of your property, we will come up with the most suitable termite treatments.



In this initial phase, we inspect the interior and exterior of your property. We look for any signs of termite activity and structural damage. Our friendly team will examine exposed woods and hollow spots, door frames, as well as look for termite droppings, mud tunnels, and blisters in wood flooring.

We will go over the entire perimeter of your house and look for entry and exit points and find out what attract termites to penetrate your property. Are there leaky pipes, cracks in building exteriors, and moisture issues?



Early detection of termites is crucial to prevent the small infestation from growing and causing costly repairs. Upon identifying the presence of termites, we will prevent them from damaging your property by using a bait system.

We only use the best products in the market, assuring you of a safe and environmentally-friendly termite protection program. Instead of using cheap termite treatments or regular termite barriers, our bait stations are designed for more targeted treatment.



Our pest control company sets up monitoring systems and monitoring stations to routinely check for termite activity. We place the baiting system strategically to detect termite activities and lure them. Our quality pest control team will do periodic inspections to eliminate termites and protect your home.

Colony elimination requires careful planning and treatment. Otherwise, the money spent on treatment costs will be wasted. Without thorough monitoring, you may assume that they have left or are completely gone, yet there are finding a new way to enter your property.

Types Of Termite Baiting Stations

Termite baiting stations are also known as “traps.” Termite baits are vented cylindrical tubes that are inserted into the soil. These are usually installed about 3 meters away from the property in intervals.

The baiting system contains cellulose, the substance that most ants eat. A timber induced with cellulose-based material is inserted into the station to attract the termites. Once the termites found it, they will mark it with “pheromones”, a chemical scent used by termites to communicate with other termites.

Underground Baiting Station

Since subterranean termites live underground, using underground bait stations can be very effective. The plastic cylinder is buried about 30cm to the ground, containing strips of wood and cellulose. Monitoring stations are used for the pre-baiting process. In this stage, no chemical termite treatments are applied, but rather food to encouraging the termite feeding cycle.

Once the feeding connection with the entire colony is established, the slow-acting insecticide is added to the bait. The transfer effect allows termites to have time to spread the toxins when they go back to the nest.

Above Ground Baiting Stations

Above ground bait stations are placed in the direct path of termite activity. It is inserted near structures where mud tubes and termite tunnels are present, such as window frames, roof timbers, and other areas with signs of termite activities. This treatment diverts termites from further damaging the property by taking the bait and getting poisoned.

How Effective Are Baiting Systems?

If you are using termite baits, do not expect immediate results. In contrast to liquid termiticide and termite barriers, using termite baiting systems requires a huge amount of time, usually taking about a few months or even a year.

However, termite baits provide long term protection and are one of the most effective methods of termite treatment. Although liquid termiticide gives immediate action, it can lead to water contamination and future problems.

This makes the termite baiting system a suitable option. Termite baits eliminate termites better than other forms of termite treatment. Proper maintenance and monitoring of the termite bait system can protect your home for many years.

Termite Barriers North Brisbane

Consult A Termite Control Expert

When dealing with termites, it is always best to consult a pest control expert, as they can advise the best solution to your termite problem.

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