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Do you hate getting bitten by mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes can nearly ruin outdoor events and barbecues. After all, nobody wants to be eaten alive while trying to enjoy themselves.

In addition to being a general annoyance, mosquitoes can also transmit some pretty serious diseases. Malaria alone kills over half a million people every year.

Add to that Dengue fever, Ross River virus, Barmah Forest virus, Zika virus, and Murray Valley encephalitis, and you can see that mosquitoes are more than just a nuisance.

Let Squished Pest & Termite Management take care of your mosquito problem. We offer a safe and effective mosquito spraying service that will reduce the population of mosquitoes around your home or business.

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Our Mosquito Spraying Services

If you’re looking for a way to reduce the mosquito population in the outdoor spaces of your home or business, look no further than Squished Pest & Termite Management.

Mosquito spraying can reduce the number of mosquitoes and other biting insects by up to 95% in your yard. It is safe for your family and animals, and the treatment will last for up to six weeks.

We apply an APVMA approved, residual, barrier-type mosquito spray that is effective against all types of mosquitoes. This includes the Aedes, Culex, and Anopheles mosquitoes that are responsible for transmitting diseases in Australia.

This barrier spray adheres to surfaces and vegetation, acting as a barrier fatal to mosquitoes. In addition to this barrier treatment, we will evaluate your outdoor areas for potential mosquito breeding locations and treat them as needed.

Further, this treatment will reduce the number of other pests and biting insects, including ticks, fleas, webbing spiders, and midges.

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Midge and Mosquito Control

North Brisbane has a mosquito control program, but it differs greatly from our service. The council’s program aims to stop a mosquito invasion after a massive rain or king tide. Their product targets the air and ground to prevent the development of biting mosquitoes from larvae.

This can effectively prevent a general mosquito outbreak, but unfortunately, the application may not treat 100% of breeding locations. This means that your yard may still have mosquito larvae developing into full-grown mosquitoes.

Further, if the council’s application timing is off, those larvae may survive and develop into mosquitoes that will bite.

On the other hand, our service is specific to killing adult mosquitoes at your home or business.

We apply a barrier treatment that will stop adult mosquitoes from breeding and laying eggs. The result is that the treatment will last for up to six weeks, rather than just a few days.


Of course, there are a few limitations to what we can do with our service. For example, we cannot treat standing water or water that is moving, such as a river or stream.

Our pesticide needs dry weather for 12-24 hours after application in order to be maximally effective. Thus, we will closely monitor the weather conditions before applying our pesticide to ensure rain will not occur in the hours after spraying.

However, we don’t even need you to be home for this application. Simply give us access to your outdoor space through an unlocked gate, and we’ll do the rest.

Once we have applied your mosquito barrier, we recommend you wait 30 minutes for the pesticide to dry before going out in the yard. After that, you are free to use your yard as you please and will notice a dramatic reduction in mosquitoes.

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Spraying for Mosquitoes

We offer services to both residential and commercial clients, as well as government agencies and not-for-profit organisations. And any outdoor location where mosquitos may be a nuisance is a great candidate for us to work with.

We have worked with restaurants, schools, parks, and outdoor wedding locations, to name a few. We also have provided services for campgrounds, golf courses, playgrounds, and sports fields.

The primary product we use is based on a naturally occurring byproduct of flowers known as pyrethrins. Our synthetic version, pyrethroids, was developed for use on crops and orchids to kill off pests.

The product is harmless to plants and animals but is water-soluble. Thus, it can be toxic to some forms of fish. Hence, our technicians will be careful to avoid application to any area near aquariums or ponds on your property.

This level of effort is just one way that Squished Pest & Termite Management shows how much we care about the environment, your yard, and your safety. Our other services, such as termite inspections and rodent control, only add to the list of reasons why you should choose us.

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North Brisbane Mosquito Spraying

Squished Pest & Termite Management is North Brisbane’s premier pest control service. We’ve been providing effective pest control services to North Brisbane residents for years, and we know how much of a nuisance that mosquitoes can be.

That’s why we offer this safe and effective way to reduce the population of mosquitoes in your area. We provide our customers with a mosquito spraying solution that will keep their families safe from biting insects and harmful illnesses while also protecting their pets from fleas and ticks.

Our team is dedicated to providing top-tier service at affordable prices, so everyone can enjoy their outdoor spaces without worrying about mosquitos attacking them.

All our technicians are trained professionals who have years of experience with pest control delivery, so they know exactly how to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard without harming anyone or anything else around it.

And since we only use products that are derived from natural ingredients, you can be sure that our mosquito spraying service is environmentally friendly and safe for the community.

Indeed, you can rest easy knowing that you are doing something good for yourself as well as your neighbors.

You won’t find another company offering such an excellent mosquito spraying deal anywhere else in Brisbane – call us today. Our friendly staff is always ready and happy to help.

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