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Squished Pest Control & Termite Management (located in Albany Creek) is known for providing top quality pest control services to homes and businesses in North Brisbane and the whole Moreton Bay region. Our team provides pre-purchase inspection reports as well as regular pest and termite inspections to ensure your home is not under attack.

Whether you are located near Brisbane city, or at Deception Bay, Sunshine Coast, Woody Point, North Lakes or anywhere in the Moreton Bay Regional Council area, we have you covered.

Why do you need a pest control company for your residential or commercial property?

There are two major reasons why you need pest control services – they are your family’s health and safety and structural damage prevention. The general public does not have enough knowledge and specialized training in pest management.

This is why business people and homeowners do not know what to do in events of rodents, termites, ants, fleas, and spider infestation. They often opt to buy pesticides and chemicals to aid the issue but just increase the high risk of pesticide poisoning and respiratory issues for the family.

You need professional and fully licensed pest control experts to properly identify the pest problem and come up with the most appropriate treatments.


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How often should you obtain pest control services for your Brisbane Northside home?

We advise that pest inspections and pest management should be done on an annual basis, or every 12 months.

The warm and humid climate of South East Queensland allows infestations to reproduce quickly. Moreton Bay Region and surrounding areas such as North Lakes, Mango Hill, Sunshine Coast, Bribie Island, and Deception Bay are no exception.

The increasing population of residents and tourists in the Moreton Bay Region also affect food consumption which means more rubbish. This attracts more rodents, cockroaches, termites, and other pests.

What to Expect from a Commercial and Residential Termite Control Company?

Our dedicated technician will inspect both the interior and exterior of your house. Being a locally owned and operated Albany Creek based pest control company, we understand the impact of pests on homes, families, and businesses in your local area.

With over 10 years of experience in combating pests, we offer professional and effective pest control services and solutions to residential and commercial premises. This includes termite treatments such as termite barriers, or other termite treatments like baiting stations or reticulated chemical barriers.

Our 7 Step Pest Control Brisbane Northside Program

1. Inspection

Our pest control and termite management team will visit your property and examine its existing condition. We will look for signs of moisture, grease marks, droppings and urine, structural damage, tunnelling, and other pest activities.

We will check potential entry points such as kitchen, storage areas, water sources, and important areas of your property. We access all areas of your home, including the subfloor or roof cavity where termites, for example, like to hide.

2. Identification

Each type of pests has a distinct behaviour. To provide the most efficient service, we carefully examine what exactly cause the problems. Whether we are looking at egg sacs, spider webs, wasp nests, or termite tubes, our expert team knows how to deal with these annoying species.

As one of the leading pest control providers in North Brisbane, we always do a great job in pest identification and treatment.

3. Analysis

After we figure out what species are devastating your property, we answer our checklist. What causes their presence? What certain factors attract them? How long they have been lingering on your property? How do they find their way in? We answer these important questions to come to the best pest control techniques.

5. Treatment Selection

Your health and food safety is our priority. Our approach is to eliminate pests with the least risk possible. We just do not spray chemicals all over your property but rather, implement the most appropriate pest control method aligned to your situation.

We use both chemical and non-chemical treatments such as monitoring and baiting, trapping, and chemical reticulation system installation.

6. Monitoring and Observation

Once our team conducted the pest treatments, we will visit your property or facility on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. We do this to ensure that your property is safe and protected against infestation. We will check your sanitation and any signs of pest presence and activity. Pest and termite management is an ongoing process.

7. Documentation and Reporting

Bear in mind that you also have a role in pest management. No matter how good service we provide, if you are doing actions that attract pests, there is a tendency that the same scenario will happen again.

We can conduct a quarterly audit of your property detailing pest activity, corrective action, and pesticide usage reports.

3 Common Types of Pests in Moreton Bay Region

1. Insects

Insects have 3 pairs of legs and are very common in homes. If not controlled properly, they can put your body at risk and damage your property. Insect includes ants, termites, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, fabric beetles, silverfish, and grain beetles.

2. Mites

Mites are small arachnids that have 8 legs. These little organisms can cause allergies and transmit diseases. Common mites found in North Brisbane and Australian homes are house dust mites, clover mites, rodent mites, chiggers, white ants, and bird mites.

3. Animals

Animals can destroy wooden fabrics, furniture, and other structure of your property. They can also carry harmful diseases. Rodents, mice, silkworms, birds, and cane toads are some examples.

Want to get rid of annoying wasps, termites, ants, spiders, and cockroaches?

Who do we work with?

Squished Pest & Termite Management not only service residential homes in Brisbane, but we’re also a commercial exterminator and pest control company. Whether you’re a busy restaurant with a small rodent problem or a large office block with a cockroach infestation that just won’t leave, we’re here to help. Here are some businesses we have worked with in the past:

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Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection

Whether you are finding your dream home or renting a new retail space, it’s crucial to invest in a pest control service provider. Many homes come with hidden surprises, costing unwary buyers thousands of cash for organizing repairs. A pre-purchase pest inspection will identify serious faults, reduce risks, and give you peace of mind.

End of Lease Pest Control

If you have a rental property, it is your responsibility as a tenant to leave the property in a pest-free state before your bond will be returned. We provide an affordable, friendly service that meets your landlord’s requirements and doesn’t eat into your hard-earned dollars.

Termite Inspection

According to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), about 130,000 Australian homes per year have termite activity. Of all the pests we mentioned above, termites are a common concern.

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