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Your Local Pest Control Company

There’s little that causes more concern than a rodent or cockroach infestation, especially when they get out of hand.

Whether you’re in need of a commercial exterminator to take care of a major ant problem, or you’re vacating your residential rental home and need to perform a pest control treatment to get your bond back, Squished Pest & Termite Management is here to help.

We’re your local defence in The Battle on Bugs.

We’ve got over a decade of pest and rat control experience, use the latest and greatest  professional extermination equipment, and provide a friendly, genuine service that is guaranteed to get rid of anything that creeps or crawls.

Our Pest Free deal even comes with a 12-month guarantee. That means that if your pests come back, so do we!

Commercial exterminator - Commercial Pest Control that works

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Why You Should Choose Squished Pest & Termite Management

Squished Pest Control & Termite Management

With over 10 years of experience in ant, rodent, and spider control, Squished Pest & Termite Management is one of the most accomplished and professional extermination companies in Brisbane.

Whatever your pest, be it cockroaches or rats, we can safely and easily remove them from your home or commercial premises.

Looking for a Brisbane spider control company? Look no further.

After effective ant control? We’re on it.

Got a cupboard full of moths? We’ll take care of it for you.

We take care of anything that creeps, crawls or gnaws, including:






Bed bugs



Being a locally owned and operated Albany Creek pest control company, we’re able to provide a quality pest control service that is friendly, honest, and professional.

Plus, we offer genuinely fair prices that make it easy for you to keep those pesky bugs and rodents under control.

Need Effective Pest and Cockroach Removal Today?

Pest Control Cockroaches & More

Like icebergs, when you see just one cockroach, you know there’s plenty more beneath the surface, so you need to act fast.

Our pest control services are fast-acting, and are guaranteed for 12 months. That means if your ants, cockroaches or spiders are back within the next year, we’ll come back and treat any reinfestation FREE of charge.

Our pest-free deal even includes a FREE termite check!

We also offer a number of personalised and comprehensive packaged services to suit your needs, from residential rodent control to bed bug treatment.

Moving out of your rental and need to perform a pest control treatment as part of getting your bond back? Squished Pest & Termite Management offers Exit Pest, End of Lease, and Vacating Premises treatments that are ideal for vacating renters.

Pest Control for Cockroaches & More

Time To Get Those Pests Under Control?

Commercial Pest Control and End of Lease Treatment

Squished Pest & Termite Management not only services residential homes in Brisbane, but we’re also a commercial exterminator and pest control company. Whether you’re a busy restaurant with a small rodent problem, or a large office block with a cockroach infestation that just won’t leave, we’re here to help.

Squished Pest & Termite Management’s commercial pest control services cover:





Office blocks

Real estate agencies


Retail spaces

If You’re Looking For a Commercial Pest and Ant Exterminator, We’re Here To Help

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