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At Squished Pest Control, we specialise in removing pigeons across Brisbane’s northern suburbs. As locals, we know how much of a nuisance these birds can cause by leaving droppings everywhere, damaging property, and carrying diseases. Our tailored solutions will clear your home or business of the pesky creatures for good.

What is Pigeon Removal Service

A pigeon removal service focuses on humanely removing unwanted pigeons that have taken up residence in unwanted areas around homes, businesses, or other buildings.

A pigeon control service aims to effectively clear the property of all invading pigeons safely, humanely, and permanently. We solve pigeon issues at the source by expertly blocking access and removing current birds. You can count on us to find out how they’re getting in and block off all entry points, so your property is fully protected.

We thoroughly clean up any mess and set up deterrents to prevent future pigeon infestation.
By removing the birds and their contaminated droppings, it helps to reduce any diseases from spreading.

Once pigeon’s find a place to live, they do not want to leave and will remain there and build a nest and a family. If you have pigeon’s that are living at your home or business, it is best to get them professional removed, so they can be dealt with once and forever.

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Our Possum Removal Process


Finding All Nesting And Roosting Sites

We do complete inspections that uncover every potential spot where pigeons may be nesting or resting – whether it’s on ledges, in attic rafters, or other overlooked areas. Even the best hiding pigeons get flushed out for absolute removal.


Removing Pigeons Humanely

Using the latest humane traps, services can catch pigeons alive without inflicting stress or discomfort – even young squabs. Standards adhere to responsible wildlife regulations so all birds remain unharmed.


Eliminating Dropping Buildup

Sealing out pigeons avoids the problem of acidic droppings accumulating on buildings, air conditioning units, solar panels, walkways, etc. Surfaces stay clean and free of etching damage over time.


Cleaning Up Droppings Safely

Workers thoroughly cleanse all visible and hidden droppings using disinfectants and deodorisers. Health risks from spores dissipate permanently.


Blocking All Entry Points

To prevent re-entry, specialists extensively seal even hairline gaps that pigeons use for access. Durable blocking makes getting back inside impossible.


Deterring Future Invasions

Added solutions like spike strips, netting, and motion-activated devices placed in key exterior areas to prevent additional pigeons from moving in later.


Ongoing Monitoring

After the initial removal, we are able to provide follow-up monitoring and maintenance checks of deterrents and sealed access points to ensure no new pigeons can’t invade later.

Why Hire Us For Pigeon Removal in Brisbane Northside

Squished Pest Control is Brisbane’s Northside leading pigeon control service.

Locally Owned & Operated

Choosing our family-owned and operated Brisbane business means your dollars stay in the community.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We pride ourselves on providing the best service to all of our customers.

Full Pest Control Service

We offer a complete pest control service across Brissy’s Northern suburbs

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