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Reliable Possum Removal Across Brisbane Northside

At Squished Pest Control, we specialise in effective, humane possum removal services. As North Brisbane’s leading specialists, we understand the nuisance possums can be as they invade roof spaces, cause noise, and damage property. Our customised solutions will remove your pesky possum problem.

What is Possum Removal

Possum removal services specialise in humanely eliminating possums that have invaded residential homes or buildings. Utilising traps and relocation, professionals initially inspect properties to find all possum access points, such as holes in roofs or gaps in eaves. Any entryways are then sealed up after removing the possums to prevent re-entry. 

The next step is cleaning up any mess or property damage left by the marsupials, like torn insulation or droppings. 

Ultimately, possum removal services focus on sustainably removing the mammals from properties through humane capturing, sealing access, cleaning up, and preventing future infestations. 

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Why You Should Use A Possum Removal Service

Possums are notoriously active at night, often scurrying noisily across rooftops and disturbing people’s sleep. A professional removal service will humanely trap all the pesky possums causing a stir and remove them offsite to eliminate the nuisance. You’ll finally be able to sleep peacefully again without possum noises on your roof.

When possums invade roof cavities and attics, they often chew through insulation, wiring, wood beams, and more, causing massive damage. Getting them removed by experts as soon as possible prevents them from destroying your property and costing you a lot in repairs down the track.

Our Possum Removal Process

Humanly Removing Possums

We fully comply with all government standards when dealing with possums, so you can assured that we will deal with them safely and humanly and in line with the local regulations.

Thoroughly Sealing All Possible Entry Points

After removing possums, we seal up any holes, cracks, or gaps the possums have been using to enter the space – a tiny gap in the eaves, broken roof tiles, or openings around vents. Sealing all access thoroughly then makes re-invasion virtually impossible once eliminated.

Cleaning & Sanitation

Possums often leave behind droppings scattered in ceiling cavities or stains seeping through to visible areas. We can review and advise on sections that pose a health risk.

Strategically Deterring Future Incursions

To provide added protection against recurrent invasions, some services install nesting boxes onsite or position ultrasonic repellents after removing the possums. The boxes safely house any other stray possums found while the ultrasonic gadgets annoy their hearing senses to deter them from re-entering the areas.

Providing Lasting Peace of Mind

Once the mess is cleaned up, holes are sealed shut, and humane removal is confirmed, you gain long-lasting peace of mind knowing your home is now possum-free and protected against recurrent issues. It’s a complete, worry-free solution.

Why Hire Us for Possum Removal in Brisbane Northside


Industry Leading Experts

With many years serving Brisbane, our technicians are true veterans in the field. No possum removal challenge is too difficult for our knowledgeable, skilled staff.


Familiarity with Local Environments

Our team deeply understands the vegetation, climate patterns, and suburbs of Brisbane Northside. This inside understanding allows swift discovery and removal of possums in the area.


Latest Technology

We invest in the most up-to-date, effective possum traps and gear to enable successful one-time capture without injury. Advanced solutions mean quicker removal.


Complete Pest Control Service

We provide a complete pest controls service across Brisbane’s Northside, so ew can deal with any other pest issues you have at the same time.


Humane, Ethical Capture

We prioritise compassionate, low-stress trapping so possums remain unharmed. Strict standards are upheld for handling native wildlife per regulations. You can trust in an ethical service.

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If you are looking for a reliable possum removal service in Brisbane Northside, contact Squished Pest Control today. We are your local pest control experts and can assist with humane possum removal at your home or business.

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