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We Offer Reliable Rodent Control Services in Brisbane Northside

At Squished Pest Control, we specialise in removing rats and mice across Brisbane’s northern suburbs. As locals, we know how much of a headache these rodents can cause by contaminating food, spreading illness, and damaging property. Our tailored solutions will clear your home or business of the pesky creatures for good.

What is Rodent Control Service

A rodent control service specialises in removing unwanted rats and mice that have infested homes, businesses, or other buildings. Our rodent control process focuses on humanely removing them from your property.

We thoroughly clean up any mess left behind and set up deterrents to prevent more rodents from coming in later.

The purpose of a rodent control service is to effectively clear the property of all invading rats and mice safely, humanely, and permanently. We solve rodent issues at the source by expertly blocking access and removing current pests. 

Sealing out rodents avoids the problems of them chewing into packaging, contaminating uncovered food, or spreading germs everywhere they crawl. Sensitive consumables stay protected against bacteria, viruses, and debris. No more waste from rat-gnawed containers, either.

You can count on us to find out how they’re getting in and block off all holes, so your property is fully protected. We get rid of rodents in a safe, lasting way.

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What Is Involved In Our Rodent Control Service


Finding All Nesting Sites

We do a complete, thorough inspections that uncover every tucked-away region where rats and mice may be nesting – whether it’s within wall voids, attics crammed with insulation, or tiny gaps under water heaters. Even expert hiders get flushed out for absolute removal.


Catching Rodents Humanely

We use a variety of removal methods to humanly remove all rodents from your property. As swiftly as possible.


Stopping Diseases Spreading

By removing the disease-carrying rodents and their contaminated droppings, urine, and hazardous nesting detritus, services effectively halt their ability to infect living spaces.


Blocking All Entry Points

To guarantee no further invasions, specialists extensively seal even hairline gaps around utility pipes, holes in foundations, and cracks climbing up walls using industrial fillers, meshes, and foams. All spots are noticed – making indoor reappearance possible.


Cleaning Up Droppings Safely

Workers thoroughly cleanse all visible and hidden droppings, urine trails, and former nesting corners to eliminate hazards using disinfecting and deodorising chemicals and traps. Respiratory risks from spores and pathogens dissipate for good.


Preventing Future Invasions

Added solutions like ultrasonic repellents keep new rodents from moving in long after removal. Ongoing protection is provided and customised to building plans for maximum efficiency. Keep treated zones off-limits long-term.

Why Hire Us for Rodent Control in Brisbane Northside

Here’s why our local rodent control service is the right choice for Brisbane’s Northern Suburbs:

Local Area Knowledge

After years of working locally, our techs understand all the places rodents love sneaking into around homes and businesses in the area. Easy discovery.

Complete Pest Control Service

We are your local pest control service, and work with a range of pest control services for homes and businesses across Brisbane’s Northside

Swift Service With No Disruption

Traps are discreetly laid and holes sealed rapidly, so the removal job is completed with minimal impact to homes and workflow, a short, non-invasive process.

Local Business

As a family-owned business in Brisbane’s Northside, you support a trusted neighbourhood company whose values align with the community’s.

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