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Termite Inspections & Pre Purchase Pest Inspections Your Local North Brisbane Termite Inspection and Management Service

When looking to purchase a new property in Australia, it’s important  to get a pest inspection to check for any termite activity or damage. Covering Brisbane and Moreton Bay, Squished Pest & Termite Management offers same day reporting. You will receive your “Termite Inspection Report” or “Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection report” on the same day the inspection is carried out, using current Australian Standard reporting tools and forms. We will inspect the interior and exterior areas of your home, including roof voids and subfloors (where ever accessible) checking for signs of termite infestation and evidence of new or old damage and workings.

Fully certified and licensed, we use the very latest technology for pest inspections. Using the state of the art Termatrac T3i & Flir thermal imaging camera for our termite inspections, we can be sure to find any issues with a property before it becomes a problem

Your local defence in any Battle with Bugs, for both residential and commercial termite control in Brisbane northside regions.

We will perform an initial inspection to assess the severity of the infestation, and then apply an appropriate treatment to exterminate the termites and make sure they stay gone.

We also offer preventative maintenance services, including chemical treated zones, monitoring & baiting systems and reticulation system installation to ensure your termite infestation is gone for good. With over 10 years of experience in pest extermination, Squished Pest & Termite Management has the expertise and equipment to get the job done right.

termite management brisbane northside
termite management brisbane northside
Albany Creek Termidor HE Accredited Applicator
Termidor Telona Termite / Whiteant Perimeter Baiting Stations Brisbane
Termidor Trelona ATBS Accredited Installer
Termareac Cert

Let’s Get These Critters Under Control TODAY

Why Choose Squished Pest & Termite Management? Expert Termite Management Brisbane Northside

Termites (sometimes called whiteants, though they aren’t technically ants) can wreak havoc on structural timbers, especially in older homes that face ventilation and dampness problems.

That means you need a termite treatment service that has the expertise to target these pesky little creatures, and with over 10 years of experience, Squished Pest & Termite Management has just that.

We take care of anything that creeps, crawls or gnaws, including termites!

At Squished Pest & Termite Management, we’re a friendly, professional, local pest control service (we’re based in Albany Creek), offering genuinely fair prices for commercial and residential termite inspections in North Brisbane.

termite management brisbane northside

Looking for Effective Termite and Pest Control in North Brisbane?

Our Termite Treatments

Depending on the severity and location of the infestation, treatment may take place in a variety of ways.

At Squished Pest & Termite Management, we have the expertise and equipment to conduct the most effective treatments, including:

Reticulation Systems

including re-pumping existing systems – Termguard, Camilleri etc

Termite barrier treatment

also known as termite chemical treatment zones

Termite Inspections

including Pre Purchase pest inspections

Termite monitoring and baiting

From initial inspections to termite extermination to ongoing prevention and monitoring, we take care of all things creepy and crawly.

After a Termite Inspection in Brisbane or Moreton Bay?

Our Brisbane Termite Treatment Costs Free Termite Check - With our Pest Free Deal

At Squished Pest & Termite Management, we offer a whole range of personalised and comprehensive packages to suit your specific pest control needs.

Our Pest Free Deal ensures your entire home is protected inside and out from spiders, ants, silverfish, and cockroaches.

It even includes a FREE termite check!

If your home or commercial space has an ant or cockroach problem, and you think you might have termites as well, then our Pest Free Deal is ideal for you.

Plus, if your pests return within 12 months, we’ll come back and treat any reinfestation free of charge!

Termite Inspections Brisbane Northside

Book Your Pest Free Deal and Free Termite Check Now

Commercial Termite Treatment

Trelona Termite Perimeter Baiting Stations for Whiteants

Squished Pest & Termite Management is also fully equipped and experienced to provide commercial termite treatments, helping commercial businesses such as:

  • Real estate agencies
  • Bars
  • Pubs
  • Restaurants
  • School
  • Office blocks

Commercial establishments and businesses, especially those in the food industry, need a trusted and reliable pest control partner to keep their employees and customers safe.

Squished Pest & Termite Management is a full-service pest control company, which means we can take care of rodent control, pest extermination and termite inspections in the Brisbane northside.

Give us a call today to discuss how we can help!

Looking for Termite Control on the Brisbane northside?

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