Why Mosquito Spraying Is So Important In North Brisbane

With all the wet weather that we get on the East Coast of Australia, we know there will be a huge increase in mosquito numbers around North Brisbane homes. There has already been a significant increase in the number of cases of Ross River fever and Barmah forest virus, all mosquito-borne sicknesses at our hospitals this year already. 

In South East Queensland we love the outdoors which is great until the mozzies come out to play too. It’s so annoying when you have large numbers of mosquitos around your property and you can’t spend time in your own backyard without getting bitten to pieces. 

The worst time for increased mosquito breeding is just after heavy rain, high tides and early evenings in warmer months making these the times when you need to be proactive about getting in mosquito control experts. These times create the perfect breeding conditions for mosquitos and a short time after the rain finishes, you will start to see and feel the effects of such perfect breeding conditions!

Many of us are vulnerable to bites. Some of us react badly to mosquitos and even pets can be irritated and end up with infections or diseases. Small children and especially babies often react badly and find being bitten distressing. If they are so little that they don’t have words so you can help them, it creates an even more distressing situation for parents.

No one likes going out the next day covered in big red itchy welts to work or to meet people. Children usually can’t help themselves and scratch and scratch at the bites until they are weeping sore, which is in turn easily infected. All this can be prevented by eliminating as may mosquitos as possible from your yard.

Did you also know that the mosquito is also part of the heartworm cycle? So keeping mosquito numbers low is also a great way of protecting your pets – along with heartworm medication of course. By keeping mosquito breeding opportunities to a minimum, if you’re not right on top of your heartworm schedule, you’ll reduce the risk of keeping your pets safe.

Keeping mosquito numbers low is a priority for many homes in North Brisbane for many reasons- especially with all our wetlands, creeks and waterways in our suburbs where they can breed outside the home. 

Prevention is the key

Stopping mosquitoes from breeding is a priority if you want to protect your family and pets and prevention in this case is better than trying to deal with endless irritating bites on a summer’s night. 

Make sure that your doors and windows have screens on them for the nights you want the warm summer breeze but not the mosquitos coming into the house. 

To make your chances of getting bitten smaller, experts recommend wearing clothing that is a lighter colour, and using insect spray, especially in the early evenings.

Trimming back dense foliage, removing stagnant water and having a mosquito treatment carried out to the perimeter of your property are the best ways to prevent mosquitos from breeding in large numbers at your place. 

Our specialised mosquito treatment is applied to foliage, fences, and external walls of the property and also to water sources around the property. We have specialised equipment that allows a specific-sized droplet on these surfaces, which will control mosquitos as they land in those areas.

Our team offers a range of solutions to help you overcome your mosquito plague. If you need highly qualified and trained mosquito control experts, then look no further. 

We pride ourselves on offering affordable and cost-effective solutions for your domestic home and your commercial properties.

So, What Are Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are small, winged flying insects, that are classified under the same order as the common housefly.

Mosquito is Spanish for “little fly,” which is fitting as this annoying insect shares a lot of common qualities with houseflies, which also spread discomfort and disease among human and animal populations.

The mosquito’s most distinctive body part is its proboscis, the thin, tube-like mouth it uses to pierce your skin and consume your blood, which is its main source of food. Humans and other mammals are the most common food sources for mosquitos, they are also known to feed on birds, reptiles, amphibians, and even other insects 

For humans, the mosquito’s bite itself is not very painful, but the saliva usually causes itchy and irritating spots wherever they bite. 

Most people recognise them from their high-pitched annoying buzz and their bite and subsequent itch rather than anything else. 

As annoying as mosquitoes are, they can be almost completely eradicated from your yard with a few simple steps.

DIY Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in bodies of water like old tyres, buckets, cans or any other open water-filled receptacle where water can accumulate.

One of the best ways to prevent a build-up of mossies is to go around and empty out any containers of water to interrupt the breeding cycle. 

Keep your pet’s drinking water clean by regularly tipping out the water and giving the bowl a scrub before refilling it with fresh water. 

Removing standing water is one of the easiest and best mosquito control the homeowner can do!

If this helps reduce the numbers but not as far as you would like for a comfortable dinner in the great outdoors, then give us a call. We have an array of mosquito-fighting tools and techniques here just waiting to help you out!

Why Choose Us?

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If you have a mosquito infestation that you haven’t been able to control – or want to stop one before it starts, remember, our team is well known in Northern Brisbane for delivering a professional and reliable service that actually works!

Keep your family safe this rainy season and call us today!

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